You Know Who’s Nice?


Today, let’s talk positivity-ness. Positiveness. Positively.

You know who’s nice? Everybody that I’ve talked to recently. For like the last 2 months.

I’ve been reaching out to strangers. Generally, to just say thank you.

I’ve learned so much in the last 3 months, I can’t even begin to whittle it all down. All those people on my Influencers page? They’ve all taught me SO much. So I wanted to thank them. Tell them a bit about why their words have been so helpful, or how enjoyable it’s been reading their words or watching their podcasts.

***Is that a thing? “Watching a podcast”. Can you watch podcasts, or only listen? Is it a VLOG? Is that still a thing? Folks like Mike DelGaudio and Chuck Duran, the guys at VOBS, have YouTube shows.

“…enjoyable it’s been reading their words or watching their podcasts shows.”

So I email them. And then they email me back…and they’re all super nice. And appreciative. And helpful. And encouraging.

I was watching an episode of the Outspoken, and Lindsay(sp) just got new demos. I wrote her a question about why she chose that producer, instead of one locally. She was(is) the nicest person, and gave me her perspective and insight. In a nutshell: “I knew what I wanted, and who I thought would be able to give me exactly that”.

I replied to her response that what she said had been so profound for me, that I’d apply it to coaching and other areas as well.

So, I thought “Who do I want to study with?” It doesn’t matter if they’re in NYC or not, just “who’s the best, and who do I want to work with”. So I called Marc Cashman in LA. And the next morning he called me back, and we started working together.

I thanked Larry Hudson for his tips in a webinar, and he offered me tons of great advice on putting my booth together, and I now have a broadcast quality studio in my apartment. He also offered to come over to my house to set up my mic position for me. For free.

Chuck D and Stacey A. I thanked them for all their videos, but a couple specific ones that have really helped me, and I get this: “It means so much to us that you are getting great info, inspiration and guidance as you pursue your voiceover dreams. We believe in you and know that you will do wonderful things! ”

C’mon. These are nice people! They don’t know me or anything about me, or whatever. But they’re super nice. And they didn’t have to be.

J. Michael Collins: “Great to hear from you”

Dave Courvoisier. Dan Lenard. Mike DelGaudio. Crispin Freeman.

All of them: really nice folks. They work hard for themselves, and take time to give back to others.

Larry Hudson calls it “Paying it Forward”.

J. Michael Collins calls it “Giving Back”. He helped found the VO Atlanta Unicorn Grant for aspiring performers.

I’d like to hope that one day, somebody somewhere might lump my name in with those others. Maybe not as one of the greats of the trade, but hopefully, one of the nicest.

2 Comments on “You Know Who’s Nice?

  1. Hi Briggan! I am really enjoying reading your blog. We met at JMC’s NYC workshop for E Learning. So I second your shout out to him/about him. Super nice guy and one of the busiest guys in the biz. I just finished my E-Learning demo recording with him. I truly enjoyed our group and meeting you. Wishing you the best and thanks for blogging about your VO journey.



    • Hi Elle! So nice to hear from you. Congrats on your new demo! I just recorded an E-learning and Commercial with him last week, myself. I’m glad you liked my blog, and I was just checking out my site, to think about my next long overdue post, and saw your comment! And just minutes ago, too. What a great coincidence! Take care!- Briggan


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