Part III-The Booth Updated

So, here we are in mid August, and I’m just posting my first blog this month. I’ve been talking about my booth a lot, and directing people to the posts, and realized I haven’t added more pictures. If you missed my last blog on the booth, and wanna see the pics that go with it, click here

OK. However, there have been even more modifications. I have finally gotten the laptop out of the booth! I’ve been holding onto an old monitor for YEARS now. I can’t really tell you why. I have ISSUES getting rid of tech. I have more assorted power cables, stereo jack RCA cables, usb and mcro usb cables, extension cords, external drives…than anyone has a right to. I’m sure I have cables for tech pieces that I don’t even have anymore.

Anyway, old monitor. A two way vga cable. BOOM. The laptop’s now outside the booth, on the bookshelf I used to have it on in the booth.thumbnail_20180809_211213.
In the booth is my monitor, with a logitech webcam, on an even smaller shelf that I found dumpster diving. I covered the shelf with a blanket to absorb sound and cushion the equipment. thumbnail_20180809_211150
Here’s my mic setup, with my two ATS panels:thumbnail_20180809_211118
2 little fans run inside to keep me cool. At least, my legs:thumbnail_20180809_211139
And lastly, what a sweet wife I have. She made this for me I think the day after my booth was first up and running. She’s the greatest!

Anyway, that’s the latest configuration.Hope you like the pics. If you have any questions or comments, drop me a line!

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