The Booth


So last weekend, I finally put together an audition quality sound booth. Look, it’s not a perfect little whisper room that costs over $3,000. Inked96103-9314882_LI

It IS a HUGE improvement over recording without any kind of absorption, or in a closet surrounded by clothes with a blanket over your head or back. Or over makeshift tents(seriously). {If I can figure out how to do it, I’ll post some links below to some YouTube videos where you can see what I mean}.

Anyway, I watched a few(numerous) videos on different methods of building inexpensive booths at home. Some where bad. Weirdalso weird

Some were great temp fixes, but I wanted something more permanent, but not fixed.  Anyway, I found a website that would build one for me, at a big cost. Then, I saw a do-it-yourselfer picture, and my plan was made.

I dusted off the old geometry skills and measured out all the materials, and sourced everything I’d need. What I ended up with is a 48″x 48″booth that fits inside one of our spare bedrooms. The frame is PVC pipe, 43″ x 43″, plus joints, and double layers of 72″ x 80″moving blankets. Extra fabric from each “panel” is wrapped around the corners, for some extra padding. All put together, it’s about 48″ x 48″. Here’s some pics:

Before building the booth, I’d recorded 3 spots for a casting director, so he could hear what I sounded like. The finished booth was SUCH an improvement on my makeshift recordings, that I sent him 3 new recordings a few days later. I’ve included those clips on the page(I think they appear as “Rehearsal only”, or as Tidy Cats, Behr, and One A Day). And those clips; they aren’t edited. No EQ, gates, limiters, nothing. Not even room tone or background noises.

I’m super happy with the new booth, and I hope I’ll get to spend some quality time recording soon. For now, back to learning Pro Tools

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