Below I’ve posted a number of people whom UNKNOWINGLY helped me greatly, as I decided to to focus on voice acting full time.  If you’re interested in voice over, check out their YouTube channels.  There’s a lot of other people who help actors move into this business, providing free information out there if you’re willing to look for it. I’ll update this list with some more of those folks soon.

And to everybody listed below: If you’re in NYC, dinner’s on me!

Marc Cashman

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Marc is one of the industry’s leading experts on voice over. Not only is he one of the most awarded voice actors out there, his 35 year career covers writing, producing, casting, directing AND performing in voice overs. His story is pretty incredible, and the numerous videos and podcasts featuring him online, are hugely helpful and entertaining. He’s been my coach both in one-on-one sessions and a group workshop, and has been AMAZING! Thanks Marc!

Larry HudsonVO Heaven


Larry is well known and hard working in the VO Community. He’s written tons of articles for most of the trades, on issues tech related, as well as performance. He’s been interviewed a ton online and contributes to a lot of different podcasts and websites. I met him through Marc Cashman, and when I told him about my booth setup, he started an email chain with me, giving me terrifically specific info and instruction on how to put it together. He even offered to come over to my house to help me set up my mic stand…for free. Links to his sites are above. VO Heaven is a space he offers DAW workshops, as well as a weekly workout group. His philosophy of Pay it Forward, is one I’ve adopted for myself. Thanks for that and everything, Larry. You’re a mensch!

J. Michael Collins


A titan in the industry.  A huge talent, prolific teacher and coach, and the demos that he and audio engineer A.J. Mckay produce are damn near flawless, and win SOVAs over and over again. Oh, and as a talent, so does he. Check out his webinars on Narration. Or anything. Hell, listen to him read the phone book. You’ll learn a lot.

Chuck Duran & Stacey J. Aswad


Chuck and Stacey host this weekly. They interview talent, directors, agents, managers, and casting directors. Some guests are better than others, but the better ones? Wow, they are fonts of knowledge and perspective; invaluable. Side note: Chuck’s singing voice is incredible. P. S.: Did I mention that EVERY YEAR he’s nominated for and WINS a Society for Visual Arts and Sciences (SOVA) award for his demos? Yeah. Powerhouse.

Crispin Freeman


This podcast answers lots of the general questions that newbies might have about beginning the process of voice acting. He also has numerous interviews, but additionally, for experienced actors, he translates what we’ve experienced on stage and screen, into approaching voice work. Terrifically helpful.

Mike DelGaudio


Mike, Mike, Mike. Ok, I started watching his videos for info on perspective, approach, the business of voice acting, and you know, maybe setting up a booth. THEN, when it came to me looking into purchasing my equipment…BOOM. That’s where a lot of value can be had. Not only is he very entertaining while describing kinda boring, technical stuff, but his equipment perspectives and reviews are hugely helpful in making purchases. Mike’s awesome!
Erik Sheppard


Erik is not for the faint of heart. He’s an agent and talent, and he’s been in the business for years from both perspectives. So everything he discusses you get the viewpoint from both sides. Additionally, he’s involved with organizations committed to the betterment of the industry and focused on protecting talent, unions, rates, etc.

If you’re a newbie, don’t be scared off. Listen to what he says and why he makes the points he makes, educate yourself more and more, and then you’ll see things from his perspective. As well as your own!

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