…And Some Days, It’s…

My last post was in March…and it was Sisyphus, pushing the rock up the mountain:

This may or may not be an actual picture of me…

But now, time has passed, things have changed, money has exchanged hands, and the world is my oyster!

OK, maybe that’s an exageration…

But hey, if you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll know that I’ve been saving up for my demos… and just last week, I finally recorded new Commercial and E-Learning demos!

The incomparable J. Michael Collins put together terrific scripts that we tweaked, he gave me terrific direction with lots of options, and in a few weeks, I’ll have terrific new demos to show off.

Then the real work begins.

The Demos are going to be awesome…but they aren’t gonna get me work.

That’s gonna be on me, and my success is directly proportionate to the amount of hustle I put into intelligent marketing. So…

I’ll be back shortly, to pass along my updates. I’ve been involved in some other aspects of approaching the bussiness, and I’ll look forward to sharing those with you soon! For right now,


Image result for be awesome to each other
Until then…Be Excellent To Each Other

One Comment on “…And Some Days, It’s…

  1. Awesome news! And a very entertaining update/post as well!! Take the voice over world by storm. You got this!

    Liked by 1 person

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