The Best Version of Yourself

I’m happy to posting again! Sometimes, it takes me awhile to figure out if the things I have going on are worthy of sharing, or not. I respect everybody’s time and attention span, and I don’t want to put something out that’s a waste of either. But I think this post has something you might relate to.

Do you ever feel that you’re not expressing your whole, authentic self?

I mean, not all the negative stuff, or the “why do doors have handles and not buttons or switches” kind of thing, but the basic you. The version of yourself where you’re the most authentic.

Since my wife and I committed to me pursuing voice over full time, there’s been a fundamental shift in how I approach the world. Voiceover is hard work. Getting started in voiceover is even harder. My wife makes a solid living, and we don’t need my income for very much at the moment. Yet, I do need to work, to make some cash, to get us where we want to be…and to be around other humans.
So, I have a part time job as a Captain at a swanky hotel grill.

*FYI: Captain is a fancy, upscale term for

I meet the kindest most gracious people, and have a blast with most of them, planning out how to make their visit memorable, and fun. I get to offer fantastic and unique food and drink experiences, and I also get the chance to interact in a way I think is my most authentic…

The Enabler
These are things I get to say every night:

“You wanna try something cool?”
“Can I make a recommendation that’ll blow your socks off?”
“Are you feeling adventurous?””
“Have you heard of such-and-such?”
“Do you know the secret of the whatever-it-is?
And my favourite: “Do you wanna have some fun?”

“Do you wanna have some fun?” for me, is the most authentic version of myself!

It’s the most central to who I am, and the way I want to approach my marriage, relationships, my side gig, and to get it back on message, my voiceover career.

Voiceover is FUN! What a cool way to spend your time, communicate to people, make money, and work with people who are looking to represent their business in their most authentic way possible. (See what I did there?)

My VO career is just getting started(again). It’s not where I want it to eventually be, but I’m sure enjoying the path to get it there.

So, my point is, if you pursue the thing that brings you joy, by supporting it with work that allows you to be joyful by bringing joy to others, that’s a recipe for success.

If this resonates for you, leave me a comment on the box below!
Also, if my message is convoluted…let me know that too!
Each post I do, I’m trying to clarify my points more and more, and be more concise. My innate writing style is definitely….

verbose /vərˈbōs/ using or expressed in more words than are needed.
synonyms: wordy, loquacious, garrulous, talkative, voluble, orotund, expansive, babbling, blathering, prating, jabbering, effusive, etc., etc., etc., etc.,

2 Comments on “The Best Version of Yourself

  1. Hey Brig, I love this. You actually penned exactly what I get to do. My career has always been in the Mortgage Industry in some form. I found a real niche in operations. I became very adept at helping our clients by answering their questions about underwriting guidelines, our products, clearing conditions so their loans could be purchased quickly, etc. I eventually moved into managing 3 teams. I lost my ability to help our clients as much and felt like a glorified babysitter. I missed the connection with the clients and began resenting my role as enforcer. The opportunity for me to move into sales presented itself. I was scared of the commission aspect of my salary. There was comfort in knowing what my paycheck would be. I took a risk and by doing so added value to my clients and myself. I can still answer all their questions, move their loans through the process, use my background for their benefit and bring them new products that help them meet their goals. I love this new role and finally feel Im being who I really was meant to be in this Industry. Thank you for sharing this.

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    • Donell, that’s wonderful! I’m thrilled that you’re having that experience. Like you, I was very happy in my career(as an actor), but when a promotion(to Managing Artistic Director) came up, with an offer of more money & coupled with my loyalty to the company. I took it, and 2 years later I was burned out.

      Then restaurant management happened for me, again more money than serving or bartending, but after 6 years or so, again burned out.

      Finding that perfect balance of fulfillment and reward can be really tough, but finding the sweet spot of earning rewards while employing the best parts of ourselves is definitely worth the effort.


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