1 on 1 coaching

For me, this is the way to go!When I started in Voice Over, there weren’t any “classes” in my area. This was in the early ’90s. I was even attending an acting, film, and theatre university. People in my area were involved in voice over, but it was a sideline to their teaching, film and stage acting. There were no, or next to no, people in Dallas making a living off it.

If you were a skilled, trained actor with an agent, you’d get submitted to a client, and read their copy in a room for them, just like a cold-read commercial audition. I DO remember some folks even had cassette reels that they submitted. Not me, not at 21 going to school, with a full time job, and doing stage, commercial and film gigs, and a girlfriend. No.

I did voice-over sporadically throughout the 90’s, always as a side hustle to my stage career. I never invested in it.

This year when I decided to pursue it full time, I realized just how much the industry has changed from when I was “involved”. Before I stepped into a class of any kind, I spent 8-12 hours a day online, just picking up the basic knowledge of equipment, technique, business plans, divisions of the industry, key players in coaching, marketing, production, producing, P2P, everything imaginable. Kind of the equivalent of learning a new language.

After a number of workshop experiences I decided to pursue 1 on 1 coaching.  Long story short, I started working with Marc Cashman every week. If you read my previous posts on Value for Money, then you’ll be happy to hear that this was exactly the experience I was looking for.

Marc devoted so much time to me; he not only complimented me on my successes, but he PUSHED me every week. He said: “I’m just gonna keep on raising the bar with you. I know what you’re capable of and I’m gonna keep pushing the envelope and raising the bar.” And that’s exactly what he did. In my life, the only other class that did that was in high school with my teacher John Steele. It’s been awesome. He’s been awesome.

For me, the 1 on 1 experience has been so rewarding. The time, money and effort invested has been so very well worth it, and I can’t wait to get back into more coaching with Marc, and with so many of the other incredible coaches I’ve found within this community.

So who should I study with to get into Promos and Trailers? Any thoughts?smiley-png-5a37630a8643c2.63208709151357927455


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