That voice you hear…


…Can be the voice

of your next project.

Quality you hear

Confidence you feel

Professionalism you expect


What I offer

Quick response to all correspondences. You won’t have to wait long for a reply email, text, or call

My turn around time for recordings is usually within an hour. I guarantee your recording within 8 business hours

High quality recordings, creative line reads, negotiable rates, complete discretion, and easy invoicing

What I do

  • Audio Description for Features and Series
  • Commercials
  • Political spots
  • eLearning
  • Explainer videos
  • Corporate Narration
  • TV Narration
  • Promos and Trailers
  • Live Announce
  • In-Store announcements



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The world has changed a lot,

and so has the voice over industry.

Many auditions and recordings are now all done remotely. As a result, having an at home recording booth and studio setup are critical. I’m lucky to have started working with a new agent, and a new manager, all because of my ability to record broadcast quality remotely. Here’s how.

Recording and Processing

I have a 4×6 recording booth, with a very low noise floor. That means there’s no background noise in my recordings. The interior is filled with sound absorption panels that help give a clear, true tone, without any unwanted effects. I then process the recordings at my control room PC.


I use two. My go-to is a Synco D2 Hyper-Cardio shotgun mic. It gives me a really true tone, clear and crisp, with no background noise. The shotgun style mic is an industry staple since it allows sound in only from the front. I also have a Rhode NT1 cardio mic for a nice, deep, rich sound, without being too bassy.


I use PCs for all my work. I have 2 Surface Pro tablets in my booth for recording, scripts and remote connection. I run Audacity for recording and processing, Dropbox for saving (and sometimes sharing), then everything is transferred to my control room where I do all the editing and processing.

Connecting with me

There are lots of ways we can connect about your project, before, after and even during the recording. I have Source Connect, ipDTL, Zoom, Skype, access to browser based connections, as well as phone patch. You can give direction or have direct access to the recording in real time, without having to back and forth via email, call, or text. Easy.

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